This dataset contains details for all of the use of force reports completed by a Chandler Police Department officer.

About this Dataset

Last updated:

January 16, 2019

Metadata last updated:

March 23, 2018

Date created:

March 23, 2018

Data refresh frequency:






Rows of data:


Columns in this Dataset

Column name Column type
report_id number
event_id number
address_force_used text
event_date_time date_time
related_offense_report_number text
related_offense_report_address text
related_offense_report_beat number
related_offense_report_district number
related_offense_report_city text
related_offense_report_placename text
related_offense_report_date_time date_time
related_offense_report_latitude text
related_offense_report_longitude text
officer_age number
officer_gender text
officer_race text
officer_team text
officer_unique_number number
officer_years_duty number
subject_age number
subject_ethnicity text
subject_gender text
subject_race text
subject_unique_number number
subject_role_in_offense_report text
subject_transported_to text
subject_medical_treatment text
nature_of_contact text
reason_for_contact text
subject_conduct_desc text
subject_resistance text
level_of_force_used text
effects_on_subject text
effects_on_officer text