This dataset contains details for all of the arrest reports completed by a Chandler Police Department officer. Arrest reports are made when one of the following occurs:

  • An adult or juvenile suspect is taken into custody and booked into jail
  • An adult is arrested and taken into custody, but released prior to booking, pending the submittal of charge
  • A juvenile is referred to court for criminal charges, including status offenses such as runaway and curfew
  • A criminal citation is issued

Location data is generalized to the nearest block to protect victim privacy.

About this Dataset

Last updated:

May 23, 2024

Metadata last updated:

June 15, 2021

Date created:

June 1, 2017

Data refresh frequency:






Rows of data:


Columns in this Dataset

Column name Column type
arrest_id number
arrest_number text
arrest_year number
arrest_date_time date_time
arrest_place_name text
arrest_address text
arrest_city text
arrest_district number
arrest_beat number
arrest_latitude text
arrest_longitude text
arrest_type text
arrest_class text
arrest_charge text
arrest_charge_count number
arrest_charge_severity text
arrestee_unique_number number
arrestee_race text
arrestee_gender text
arrestee_age number
arrestee_ethnicity text
arrestee_ethnicity_category text
officer_unique_number number
officer_race text
officer_gender text
officer_age number
officer_team text
officer_years_of_service number
related_offense_report_number text