Calls For Service

This dataset contains details for all of the calls for service that have been reported to the Chandler Police Department. The calls for service can be generated in four primary ways: emergency 911 phone calls, non-emergency phone calls or text messages, officer self-initiated, and alarms.

Location data is generalized to the nearest block to protect victim privacy.

About this Dataset

Last updated:

July 21, 2024

Metadata last updated:

June 30, 2021

Date created:

January 1, 2015

Data refresh frequency:






Rows of data:


Columns in this Dataset

Column name Column type
call_id number
call_number text
call_received_date_time date_time
call_place_name text
call_address text
call_city text
call_district number
call_beat number
call_latitude text
call_longitude text
call_priority number
call_how_received text
call_reported_as text
call_closed_as text
call_cleared_by text
call_dispatched_date_time date_time
call_enroute_date_time date_time
call_on_scene_date_time date_time
call_response_time number
call_911_to_rec_time number
call_dispatch_to_enroute_time number
call_rec_to_queue_time number
call_queue_time number
call_travel_time number